Gunshot Trauma Kit – Why Preppers Should Consider One

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Preppers Need Trauma Kits – Not Just First Aid Kits

One of the most essential components of any survival preparation stockpile is the emergency medical kit. When a catastrophic disaster strikes, it is a near certainty that hospitals and emergency services will be either overrun or nonexistent, leaving you to treat yourself and your loved ones as injuries arise.

This is especially important in a survival situation as even small traumatic injuries can quickly turn deadly. It is critical to have both advanced medical training before hand and a proper medical supply kit that will enable you to deal with both minor injuries and major traumas.

This means going beyond simple bandages to find a medical kit that mirrors the supplies carried by emergency medical technicians and armed forces medics – a kit that has everything you need to patch a gunshot wound or staunch bleeding from a knife.

The Deluxe Gunshot Trauma Kit put together by Doom and Bloom, which is designed specifically for Preppers with advanced medical training (or have researched the topic appropriately) who need to be prepared to keep significant traumatic injuries from turning deadly.

The Doom and Bloom Deluxe Gunshot Trauma Kit

Doom and Bloom’s Deluxe Gunshot Trauma Kit is not your average at-home medical kit – it’s filled with trauma shears, pressure bandages, and a tourniquet rather than simple gauze pads and alcohol swabs. To start, the kit includes nearly everything you need to access and assess a major wound.

The kit places nitrile gloves and a face mask in an easily accessed spot so you can get to them quickly and begin treatment. The included trauma shears and abdominal pads – large five- by nine-inch sterile dressings – allow you to easily cut clothes away from around the wound and soak up blood so you can see the extent of the injuries.

What sets Doom and Bloom’s Deluxe Gunshot Trauma Kit apart from competing trauma kits is that it is highly specialized for dealing with gunshot (or similar type) traumatic wounds and comes with several supplies that are essential for treating this particular type of trauma.

The kit includes a Kelly clamp, not found in most trauma kits, that allows you to clamp down on a severed blood vessel, which can go a long way towards stopping excessive bleeding. The kit also includes HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seals, which features two vented chest seals coated in a thick hydrogel adhesive. Rather than the single dressing found in most kits, since you need to be able to seal off both entry and exit wounds in the event of a gunshot to the chest cavity. The cutting-edge design incorporates vented channels to allow air to escape as you exhale, but prevents air from entering as you inhale.

The highlight of most trauma kits currently on the market is the Celox Gauze, which Doom and Bloom was certain to include in their kit. This gauze is treated with hemostatic materials so that it promotes rapid clotting when applied to a bleeding wound. Importantly, these products have a limited lifespan and Doom and Bloom guarantees that they ship only bandages with an expiration date at least four years, and often longer, into the future.

The other critical component of every trauma kit is the tourniquet, and this is where Doom and Bloom went another step beyond their competitors. Rather than use a generic tourniquet brand, this kit includes the newest generation of CAT tourniquets purchased directly from North American Rescue. This style of tourniquet requires only one hand to operate, meaning you could theoretically even apply it to your own body, and is currently considered to be the gold standard of tourniquets among most emergency medical professionals.

One medical tool that is rarely present in other trauma kits, but which the kit from Doom and Bloom includes, is a nasal pharyngeal airway (NPA). The NPA is commonly used by emergency medical providers to maintain a stable airway, which is essential to any trauma treatment even in the last-ditch case of administering CPR.

Finally, another addition to the Deluxe Gunshot Trauma Kit that other trauma kits lack is a quick medical reference guide printed on waterproof paper. Although it is best that you have enough medical training that a reference guide is unnecessary, this can be an essential aid under the pressure of a medical emergency or can allow another member of your family to take care of you using the trauma kit should you be incapacitated.

Sometimes you Need a Trauma Kit - Not just a First Aid Kit...

Doom and Bloom’s Deluxe Gunshot Trauma Kit is highly specialized for severe traumatic injuries such as gunshot and knife wounds. Although it may be overkill for simple injuries, elements of the kit such as the Celox bandage, CAT tourniquet, and two occlusive dressings are absolutely essential for treating a serious gunshot wound.

Having a worst-case scenario trauma kit like this available can easily be the difference between life and death during a survival situation, making it the perfect medical kit to add to your emergency supplies for series Preppers or those with medical training.

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