How Preppers Can Score Big on Black Friday 2019

The Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals for Preppers! 

Tis the season for shopping craziness!  Typically when this time of the year comes around, people either LOVE or DREAD Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a Prepper, I use this time of the year to find great deals on gear to help my Prepper lifestyle. No matter your feelings on the crazy holiday shopping spectacle we are about to witness, the fact remains that DEALS ARE EVERYWHERE!

I ditched the in person crowds years ago and instead moved my shopping online. I typically find better deals online with NO CROWDS! All it takes is a little bit of planning, making a shopping list ahead of time, and depending on the retailer - the willingness to shop late at night or early in the morning to ensure they don't sell out!  

How To Score The Best Deals On Outdoor And Survival Gear

First of all - BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!  I will be updating regularly with some of the best deals I find online for outdoor and survival gear. Be sure to get your shopping done early with great stocking stuffer ideas as well!

Top Live Deals - Cyber Monday 2019

  • Wise Emergency Food Kits (link)
  • Save up to 40% off outdoor gear (link)
  • First Aid Kit (link)
  • Thermal blankets (link)
  • Fiskar Axes (link)


As always, Amazon comes out swinging during the holiday season and has started offering Black Friday pricing NOW! Check out this page to find their most current offerings - their deals have a time limit and run out quickly so check often if you have a specific need.


Great Amazon Black Friday Deals that I found (click the link for price and to see if they are still live)

  • 3 Pack Life Straw (link)
  • 2 Story Escape Ladder (link)
  • LED Emergency Roadside Flares (link)
  • Save up to 20% on Fiskers Axes (link)
  • Sky Genius 10 x 50 Binoculars (link)
  • Cliff Bar Multi Pack (link)
  • Food Freeze Drier (link)
  • Streamlight 600 lumens tactical flashlight (link)
  • Streamlight 1000 lumens spot light (link)
  • Eyeskey Multifunction Military Compass (link)
  • Gerber Tactical Knives (link)
  • Waterproof Snow Gloves (link)
  • Aluminum Carabiners (link)
  • G4Free Products / backpacks and more (link)
  • EMT Molle Pouch (link)
  • Solar Camping Lantern (link)
  • Camping Lantern Bluetooth Speaker Combo (link)
  • Waterproof Drybag (link)

Shopping List - Things To Keep An Eye On For Price Drops

  • Tactical LED Flashlight – Fenix PD-35 (link)
  • Portable Water Filter – Katadyn Hiker Pro (link)
  • Portable Stove – MSR Whisperlite Universal (link)
  • Small Portable Solar Panel – Goal Zero Nomad 7 (link)
  • Survival Tomahawk – SOG Survival Hawk (link)
  • Bowie Knife – SOG Speciality (link)
  • Tactical Watch – Casio G-Shock (link)
  • Dress Tactical Watch – Timex (link)
  • Survival Radio – Running Snail (link)
  • Survival Food Pouch – Mountain House (link)
  • Survival Food 10 Can – Mountain House (link)
  • Survival Food 30 Day Supply – Augason Farms (link)
  • Tactical Backpack – 5.11 Rush 72 (link)
  • Medium Portable Solar Panel – Goal Zero Nomad 13 (link)
  • Large Portable Solar Panel – Goal Zero Nomad 20 (link)
  • Portable Power Cell – Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus (link)
  • Paracord Bracelet – Diroca Outdoor (link)
  • Basic Paracord Bracelet – Friendly Swede (link)
  • Paracord – 550 Grade Nylon (link)
  • First Aid Kit – Adventure Medical Kit (link)
  • First Aid Kit – MFASCO (link)
  • Deluxe First Aid Kit – Lighting X (link)
  • Tactical Gloves – Mechanix (link)
  • Shooting Gloves – FREETOO (link)
  • Cut Resistant Gloves – Youngstown (link)
  • Tactical Backpack for Laptops – 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 (link)
  • Survival Hatchet – Schrade SCAXE10 (link)
  • Throwing Tomahawks – SOG Throwing Hawks (link)
  • Tactical Tomahawk – M48 (link)
  • Large Bowie Knife – Schrade SCHF45 (link)
  • Multi-Tool – Gerber (link)
  • Tactical Pen – BellFyd (link)
  • Portable Shower – NEMO Helio (link)
  • Pocket Shower – Sea to Summit (link)
  • Camping Soap – Sierra Dawn (link)
  • Camping Quick Dry Towels – Youphoria (link)

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