Best Survival Candle Options – Long Lasting Candles for Emergencies

When the power goes out and you are left in the dark – a good long lasting survival candle is the perfect way to light up a room without worrying about finding fresh batteries. The best emergency candles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so its best to take a moment to find the best survival candle to meet your needs.

The simplicity of emergency candles can’t be beat. Keep a few handy in your bedroom and with your emergency prepper gear just in case.

While I do love my hand crank flashlights (especially to hand to kids during a power outage) – a survival candle can be very useful for when the lights are out for a longer period of time and you find yourself without a backup generator.

Survival Candle Basics

When choosing the best survival candle to add to your stash, first consider some of the main differences between each.

Since you are looking for a candle to light up your room if the power goes out – I would not consider anything with a low burn time. Buying 1 candle that can last up to 115 hours vs 10 candles that last 2 hours each is a no brainer.

Also consider brightness and odor when making your purchase.  DO NOT buy citronella candles for inside use, its not a pleasant smell when you are inside!

Overall Burn Time

Cheap candles that burn quickly are a waste of money and space! Even if you can get a ton of them, they will not serve their purpose if you are constantly lighting new ones or they burn out in the middle of the night.

In an emergency you want candles that can go the distance and at least last through the night. If your candles go out quickly you may find yourself stuck again in the dark.

Personally, I would opt for the longest burn time so that I get the most efficiency out of my investment. Storing a few candles that can last up to 115 hours can get you through most any emergency situation.

Type of Wax

As with anything online, you often get what you pay for. Buying cheap candles means you get cheap oversees wax.

Candles don’t require the same disclosures as other items (like food), so its hard to tell if there may be harmful chemicals in the wax or lead in the wick.

I would opt for high quality, made in the USA products when you can. Also I would never buy anything with a scent or citronella.

Burning a candle all night while indoors is not the right place for a scented candle unless you have no other choice.

Other Features to Consider

Candles come in all sorts of varieties. When choosing a survival candle, opt for those that do not drip wax and produce minimal smoke while they burn.

Cleaning up wax can be a major pain, and it also limits where you place the candle.

Smoke can be bad news for a few reasons. First you will be breathing in whatever is coming off the candle. Second the smoke could accidentally set off a battery powered smoke alarm (not fun in the middle of the night).

All of the options below cover both features – clean burning with no wax dripping to deal with.

The Best Survival Candle Options

Sterno 115 Hour Emergency Candle

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Clocking in at 115 hours of burn time – I consider the Sterno candles as the backbone of my emergency supply. Instead of a traditional wax candle, these come with a liquid paraffin fuel source to provide long life with minimal odor.

If you have heard of the brand before, its because they make foodservice and large home gathering equipment to keep food warm.

These are high quality candles that are worth keeping around in case you have an extended power outage and are looking for something that can last a while.

UCO 9 Hour Candles with UCO Lantern

UCO Original Candle Lantern Value Pack with 3 Candles and Storage Bag
  • Includes UCO Original Candle Lantern, 3-pack of UCO 9-Hour Candles and protective fleece bag
  • ring-loaded tube keeps candle flame at optimal height
  • Collapsible lantern fits in a small space; suitable for camping or backpacking

Anyone familiar with the UCO Lantern will love this as an emergency backup. With a standard 9 hour candle (made from refined paraffin wax) and a UCO lantern – this set is a great purchase.

The UCO Lantern holds and protects your candles while they are being used. With a spring loaded tube, the UCO Lantern keeps the candle at the top to ensure the optimal burn.

With a sliding glass chimney, you can also create a windproof environment for your candle for outdoor use.

This a great option for anyone looking for a survival candle that you may want to bring outside from time to time to show off!

Great for emergency uses, or just hanging outside with friends. This is a keeper!

UCO 12 Hour Beeswax Candles

UCO 12-Hour Natural Beeswax Candles Candle Lanterns, 9-Pack
  • 12-hour natural beeswax candles for use in UCO Candle Lanterns; ideal for camping, hiking, outdoor adventures, survival kits, and emergency preparedness
  • Each 3. 5-inch candle burns for 12-15 hours, with little smoke and a naturally pleasant aroma
  • 100 percent natural beeswax formula (non-paraffin based) is clean-burning without residue; high-melt temperature reduces dripping

For those looking for a more eco friendly option, this UCO candle is made from 100% natural beeswax.

Specifically designed to fit a UCO candle holder, these candles work great for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness.

The candle measures 3.5 inches in height and lasts for up to 12 hours in a UCO holder. These are emergency candles that also make great gift options!

Coghlan’s 36 Hour Survival Candle – 3 Wicks

Coghlan's 36-Hour Survival Candle, 6-Ounce
  • Compact, lightweight candle with three wicks can burn up to 36 hours (up to 12 hours per wick)
  • Metal canister with cover protects candle; includes matches; weighs 6 ounces
  • Affordable, essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, emergency preparedness, and more

For those looking for a bit more light than a single candle – consider this great 3 wick option that lasts up to 36 hours.

Housed in a metal canister, this odorless candle is protected while it waits to be used. It also comes with matches that you can keep in the lid – an added benefit for when things get dark!

Given its compact size, this 3 wick candle could also be used camping, in the RV, or at the cabin.

Brilux Classic White Candle 8 Inches Tall (80 Hour)

Brilux Classic White Candles in Glass, Set of 4, 8-INCHES Tall
  • GREAT FOR RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES: Elegant, calming and comforting, our spiritual candles are prefect for church services, prayer meetings and sanctuaries!
  • LONG-LASTING DESIGN: Offering an incredible 80-hour burn time, our religious candles deliver unbeatable value! Whether you use them weekly, annually or simply as needed, they provide the consistency,...
  • PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES: From hurricanes to blizzards, our large candles ensure your family is ready for potential power outages! Designed with safety in mind, every glass jar has a flat, heavy...

If you are looking for a large self contained candle and don’t want to worry about wax, consider this great option as an alternative.

The candle burns for up to 8o hours using 100% paraffin wax and lead-free cotton wick. Made in the USA, these candles come in their own glass jar, which can help if you plan to hold or move the candle at times.

While traditionally used for ceremonies, these candles make a great survival candle for those looking for something that lasts a long time and comes in a glass jar.

Safety Precautions to Take

Basic common sense is the main tool when using your emergency survival candles. However, mistakes can be made during emergencies, so be sure to consider the following.

  • Be careful of your candle placement – do not place them close to anything flammable (remember heat travels up, so watch higher items as well).
  • Even with drip-free candles, if they are burning improperly or there are breezes, a stray drip can occur. Please your candle on something like a plate to collect any possible drips.
  • Watch out for kids and pets. Place your candles in a location where they cannot reach them.
  • In the kitchen its easy to place candles on a spot that is built for heat already – the stove top.

Survival Candle – A Must Have For Your Emergency Prepper Stash

In most any emergency situation, a quality survival candle can be very useful. Consider investing in a few high quality and long burning candles to keep handy in case of an extended power outage or worst case as a back up hand warmer when the power goes out in the winter!

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