5 Reasons to Add Precious Metals to Your Prepper Stash

As a Prepper, I am sure you have your fair share of food, water, and other various survival tools in your stash.  However, given the current state of the world (the fear of a near return of Cold War politics, concerns over the actions of extremist zealots and worries over increasing natural disasters) have you ever considered being prepared for the very worst?  More than just a simple power outage?

If you have every considered prepparing for the BIG ONE, you should begin considering certain types of investments as the next level of prepping. In particular, one of the most useful investments you can store alongside your doomsday prep are precious metals such as coins or jewelry and silver made of both gold and silver. Not sure how or why these precious metals can benefit you in the event of global or regional catastrophe? Here are five key reasons to consider:

1. Money Makes Civilization Go ’Round

First and foremost, you should absolutely stockpile some spare cash along with all of your prepper supplies (see here to see much Survival Cash to stockpile). The provided benefit to being prepared in this way is that you will have money on hand without having to worry about whether your bank—or any digital transaction system—has survived whatever doomsday has hit your corner of planet Earth.

Furthermore, it’s in your best interest to have money nearby in case it is unsafe for you to leave your home for some time. The best options available for you is to stock up on a variety of cash and precious metal items—precious, and even rugged, coins, bullion bars and jewelry.

You might think that cash is the better option here, as you can store large wads of bills with ease, but that cash might not fair well in the long run—as considered in points (2) and (3). A good mix of cash and precious metals is the safer bet for the long term!

2. Cash Won’t Be Around Forever

Precious metals are at a greater benefit to cash for the wear and tear they are able to withstand over time. Dependent upon the conditions of the doomsday world, your cash might not stand up to whatever debris and natural wear it meets. Even if your gold and silver get a little beaten up, they will still hold value, being useful no matter the conditions.

Cash—as a marketable currency—might not withstand an apocalyptic event either. Similar to the market depressions that hit countries like the United States and Germany in the first half of the 20th century, the value of the dollar might plummet to extreme levels, becoming more or less useless. The likelihood of this happening with either gold or silver is quite low, though, as the intrinsic value of these precious metals is far above that of paper currency.

Even if you’re not convinced and you don’t think precious metals are a good investment for you, it is still in your best interests to have some as backup.

3. Gold and Silver Go a Long Way

Even today, the spot value of both gold and silver is quite substantial. The benefit to having some gold and silver items on hand cannot be overstated. While the value per ounce of these items is noteworthy, there is something to be said about the allure that these items offer. Whether used as a cash transaction or as a form of bartering (4), precious metals in the forms of rings, necklaces, collectors coins and bracelets can be helpful if you need the aid or goods that someone else has available to offer.

4. How to Barter and Influence Others

As stated before, you can’t underestimate the value that gold and silver can provide when attempting to influence the actions and emotions of other people. If you were to find yourself in a bind following the apocalypse, a beautiful, shiny golden ring or an impeccable American Silver Eagle coin can capture the attention of whomever it is you’re trying to convince/influence.  

With such precious metal goods in your inventory, you’ll be able to trade with others even if the normal systems of payment and trading happen to be wiped out. In need of someone’s services, such as woodworking or welding? Offer them some gold and silver coins, or a gold pocket watch!

5. To Fight Inflation 

As stated earlier, the likelihood of the Dollar being hit by an aggressive amount of inflation at some point is quite high. The last thing you want to do is stockpile a large amount of cash to only have it become nearly worthless.

In such an event, gold and silver are one of the best bangs for your buck. Per expectations, it might even be expected that the spot price of precious metals might increase whenever the Dollar is hit by inflation. While paper currency has become the standard within the past century, the historical value of both silver and gold has stayed true. For such reasons, it is best that you think ahead and make sound investments.

When prepping for a doomsday scenario, you want to make whatever moves you can to protect yourself, whatever the conditions might be—natural or man made. Your best option is to guarantee that you have a large list of items on demand there for you in the event of the worst. Be sure to take the time and stockpile the basics needed for survival—clothes, shelter, food and water—while also securing precious metals to keep your finances safe and sound.

The Simple Prepper