How to Prepare as Global Conflicts Arise

The recent escalation with Iran should have everyone worried! Of course the United States has the strongest and most advanced military in the world - no debate there. However, with any global conflict there are implications for everyone. As threats emerge, most of those who are unprepared start frantically searching for food, and fuel, and other supplies they envision needing. Lucky for us Preppers, we have already considered such an event and have taken the appropriate steps to be prepared! 

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That being said - when any global conflicts starts to appear it makes sense for every Prepper to take the following steps.

1) Check Your Prepper Inventory

Get home and check all of your Prepper stash to make sure you have everything you need. With a global conflict looming, this may be your last opportunity to secure any gaps you may have

Be sure that you have Food and Water covered as your top priority. After that make sure you have more Food and Water covered! In any disaster scenario the difference between 2 weeks of food vs. 4 weeks of food can be huge. Default to more food and water and worry about things like knives and axes later. I personally buy the 30 day buckets since they are most cost effective. I also use 5 gallon cubes to store water so it is more mobile as well as keeping a back up tub storage container just in case.

2) Prepare to Bug In

Given the geographic position of our country in the world, if any conflict escalates quickly the vast majority of us are going to do best bugging in. Now if you live in a big city like NYC, Chicago, or LA that may be different - but for most of us, you should be prepared to bug in.

As I said before worry most about food and water and forget about the other things. When you bug in, you will have everything in your house handy. I am sure you already have knives for cutting and tools around the house for other tasks. Worry most about how you are going to get by staying in your home for weeks or months cut off from external supplies.

Also given this time of the year - consider what would happen if the power went out for an extended period of time.

3) Get Extra Cash from the ATM

I covered emergency cash already in this article so hopefully you have a good stash safe in your home already. However when something bad happens (think 9/11) it is very prudent to stop at the ATM and get out as much as you cash as you can in addition to your main emergency stash. This is just a little extra to CYA in case things get worse. You can also deposit the cash back in the bank when things settle down - however if they get worse and the ATMs are empty and possibly even the grid is down so no more credit cards - you will be thankful you grabbed that extra $500 when you did!

4) Get Extra Food from the Grocery Store

Of course I keep beating the importance of food over your head, so why not some more! Another step I would take (and unfortunately everyone else will as well), is to get more food from the grocery store. Yes the lines will be long and crazy, but this could be your last chance in a while to stock up.

I would look for foods that are shelf stable at room temperature.  I would NOT buy things that need refrigerated. If the power goes out, your entire fridge is gone in a matter of days - trust me on this! Consider bulk peanut butter, raisins, apples, bread, and other perishable foods that can sit on the shelf for weeks.  This would be my first line of defense when things get bad before I start digging into my freeze dried food.  Buy foods that provide more healthy options (fruits and veggies) instead of chips and crackers.  Your body will appreciate the variety when you only have shelf food left.

The good thing about the foods I suggest buying are that they are not the first targets for most. I would NOT buy milk, eggs, or meat!

5) Refuel Your Vehicles and Buy an Extra Tank or Two

I remember how long the lines were to get gas after 9/11. This is typical and should be expected. I would say that if you have the time or you are really low, then yes get some gas and an extra tank. A full tank of gas for each vehicle could be essential if you are stuck in your home for an extended period. 

Another thought - why not refuel your car right when something happens instead of waiting for escalation and further panic. Be preemptive in your refueling. Worst case scenario - you have a full tank of gas!

6) Refresh Your Water Storage

As any Prepper knows, water does not last forever. I personally refresh my stock every 6 months or so. When things start to escalate make sure your water is fresh and if not take the time to refresh your stock. 

This is also the time to consider breaking out your bath tub water storage for an extra 100 gallons.  At the bare minimum that would last my family around 10-20 days - not long enough in my opinion!  Maybe I should buy a second or third now that I think about it 🙂

Think Ahead and Take These Extra Steps!

In our life times, we really haven't experienced a significant military conflict that impacts everyone for an extended period of time. For most 9/11 is the most recent example of a major global event. In the midwest where I live it meant long gas lines for a day or two and grounded flights for a few days - not much else. However we shouldn't take our eye off the ball and ignore what could happen.

Final note - given the state of the world these days everyone should have some Potassium Iodide Tablets at home.  Have enough to cover your family.  They are cheap and make a big difference.  Plus, when you need them you won't be able to find them, so get them ahead of time!

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