Best Pop Up Camper Manufacturers

Pop-up campers are an increasingly popular alternative to RVs. The best pop up camper manufacturers make compact camper trailers that fold down into a box that’s easy to tow behind your vehicle, then expand into a spacious sleeping area when you reach your destination for the day.

Of course, pop-up campers don’t always have the same amenities as traditional RVs. But the fact that they’re so small and light makes it easier to tow a pop-up camper through mountain roads so you can reach your favorite getaway spot in the first place.

There is a huge variety of pop-up campers on the market today to cater to all different needs. In fact, many pop up camper manufacturers offer models that sleep as few as two people alongside models that sleep as many as eight! Some pop up campers have bathrooms!  Let’s take a look at 10 of the best pop-up camper manufacturers to help you start your search for the perfect trailer.

1. Jayco

Jayco is one of the biggest names in the camping industry thanks to its enormous line of RVs. This company also makes a wide selection of pop-up campers that tend to be relatively luxurious. Look for high-end amenities, electricity, and even heating and AC.

Starting prices range from $13,000 to $17,000 and most of Jayco’s pop-up campers are backed with a two-year warranty.

2. Starcraft

Starcraft specializes in making lightweight trailers, although these pop-up campers are far from ultralight. Many of the company’s models feature plenty of sleeping space along with modern amenities. Starcraft also makes a handful of A-frame pop-up camper models, which make good use of vertical space while keeping a small footprint.

3. Tentrax

Tentrax makes both on-road and off-road pop-up campers, so this company is suitable no matter what type of adventures you have in mind. The company’s off-road trailers are built for extreme durability, with oversized heavy-duty tires and the ability to be fully sealed to prevent dust from getting in.

Tentrax trailers only weigh around 600 pounds. In addition, prices are in the $6,000-$8,000 range, making these pop-up campers fairly affordable.

4. Adventure Offroad Trailers

Adventure Offroad Trailers- a boutique Australian pop-up camper manufacturer isn’t cheap. But if you have upwards of $25,000 to spend on an ultra-durable pop-up camper, you won’t find many models out there that are better equipped to handle harsh conditions.

All of Adventure Offroad Trailers’ models feature a 4WD offroad construction, a side-mounted kitchenette that’s sheltered from the elements, and a custom bedding system that’s easy to climb into and out of.

5. Northstar Campers

Northstar Campers specializes in pop-up truck campers, which fit in the back of any standard pickup truck bed and expand upward when you get to camp. These pop-up models are lighter and easier to drive with than most standard slide-in truck campers, but they offer virtually the same amount of space once expanded.

Northstar Campers has a variety of designs to fit any bed size, but the models aren’t cheap. Prices for basic pop-up camper models start at around $20,000.

6. Alaskan Campers

Alaskan Campers is another pop-up camper manufacturer building models specifically for pickup trucks. The company uses a unique telescoping design that enables the camper to lift straight up and down. The campers offer headroom of 6’3” so that most people can stand fully upright inside.

Alaskan Camper models also feature a built-in kitchenette with a sink and refrigerator, which is a huge plus if you’re spending weeks on the road at a time. Prices start around $30,000.

7. Kamparoo

Kamparoo focuses on building ultra-light pop-up tent trailers that can be towed by almost any vehicle. The company’s basic models weigh under 800 pounds and cost less than $7,500, making this company’s pop-up campers relatively accessible no matter your vehicle or budget.

What’s nice about this company’s campers is that you can easily add awnings to make your trailer feel more like home. You can also add on tent rooms as needed to sleep more people.

8. SylvanSport

SylvanSport makes a very unique pop-up camper that also doubles as a versatile trailer for all your adventure needs. This company’s GO trailer features a gear deck and storage compartment, with the actual pop-up tent taking up just a small amount of space on top of the trailer.

Despite its compact size, the pop-up tent can sleep up to four people and offers 6’5” of standing height. The trailer is incredibly lightweight and starts at just over $8,000.

9. Lees-ure Lite

Lees-ure Lite specializes in ultra-light pop-up tent trailers that can be towed by any compact car or motorcycle. The company’s base models weigh under 300 pounds, yet expand to over 11 feet and offer enough room for a standard full bed.

Another plus is that these pop-up campers are relatively inexpensive, with base prices set around $5,200.

10. Time Out Trailers

Time Out Trailers is another pop-up tent manufacturer, but this company focuses on giving you as much space and luxury as possible. The company’s tents come with tinted windows to help keep out the sun and have a specialized flap where you can connect an AC unit.

In addition, Time Out Trailers builds a whopping 23 feet of cargo space into its trailers, and there’s space underneath the tent footprint that you can use if you need even more space at camp.

The Best Pop Up Camper Manufacturers

Adding a pop-up camper to your vehicle can help you spend more time outside. Importantly, pop-up campers don’t require you to spend huge amounts of money or give up on navigating mountain roads like you would have to with a traditional RV. Check out any of these top 10 pop-up camper manufacturers today to find the perfect trailer for your next adventure!

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